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Tips to motivate children to learn

Studies have always been one of the foremost concerns of every parent. Over time, things have evolved and changed, but this still remains one of the sensitive issues for any parent.  Speaking earnestly, this should be a concern. Most of the kids lack the motivation to study. The thought of studies doesn’t excite them as the thought of playing video games does. The child enjoys playing and hence finds the motivation to do it. Similarly, the key to motivating your child to study is to find their field of interest and working on it.

Most of the parents and teachers restrict learning only inside the walls of a classroom. While the classroom is the primary source of learning, the academic, intellectual and social growth of a child occurs outside the classroom. Once the kid desires to learn, he will be motivated to study by himself. Following are the few tips which can help you to motivate your child for the same.

Inculcate the habit of reading in them

Reading is the primary source of learning.  It is a known fact that kids who read and better learners than kids who do not read. As a parent, you can include a reading session in their timetable or even read with them to make it a habit.

Focus on what interests your child

Teaching them something which does not interest them at all is like beating a bush. Your child can not find motivation in something in which he is not interested at all. For example, if your child loves English but not maths, you can teach him maths by making up short stories related to the concepts to keep his attention grabbed.

Do not restrict learning only to classroom

Classroom teaching is a must but that’s not enough. Classrooms become boring at times and the individual attention is not possible. Therefore, to motivate them you need to expand your child’s sources to study. Few of them can be the internet, television, books.

Introduce different resources to study

There are seven fundamental learning styles:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Logical (mathematical)
  • Social
  • Solitary

For example, children who are visual learners learn best by seeing how things work. Using different types of learning styles will bind their interest and they will be motivated to study.

G for games, G for good

Games are one of the most effective tools to grab the interest and engage them in an activity which requires them to focus constantly. It provides an opportunity for deeper learning. When a child is playing any game, he gives all this attention to it which makes him look forward to studying and hence he is motivated.

Encourage open source of learning

Encourage your child or student to express his opinion. Create an open atmosphere where he feels comfortable expressing his likes, dislikes or concerns.