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Importance of general knowledge for children

In today’s world, general knowledge is critical for your child’s growth and success. There are various choices available for today’s generation. The key is to learn and gain more knowledge about different areas. It is especially important for them to learn beyond the classroom. Going beyond academics helps children excel in different areas. A child’s success depends on how much he or she is learning from the surroundings. The information that your child gathers and the learning that (s)he has will develop his or her mental abilities. This directly affects how (s)he will perform not only in school, but also in personal and professional life later. As parents, we want the best for our children. We put all our efforts and focus on doing what is best for them. It is important to know what general knowledge means for your child and how do they benefit from it. All the…

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How to develop thinking and learning skills in kids?

Every other beautiful monument, every structured building has one thing in common – A strong foundation or base, as you like to call it. Only when the foundation of anything is laid down precisely, does the structure turn out to be strong and magnanimous! Similar is the case while laying down building blocks to your child’s thinking and learning capacities. The base here becomes the way children are exposed to learning environment. Which channels do you use, how do you encourage your child to put their thinking caps on and come up with something out of the box becomes important. Development of senses The world is how you see it While your tiny toddler is getting to know the world, the first thing he/she uses are the five senses. His understanding of the world comes with the things he touches, sees, listens to, tastes and feels. Swiss biologist and psychologist…

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Tips to motivate children to learn

Studies have always been one of the foremost concerns of every parent. Over time, things have evolved and changed, but this still remains one of the sensitive issues for any parent.  Speaking earnestly, this should be a concern. Most of the kids lack the motivation to study. The thought of studies doesn’t excite them as the thought of playing video games does. The child enjoys playing and hence finds the motivation to do it. Similarly, the key to motivating your child to study is to find their field of interest and working on it. Most of the parents and teachers restrict learning only inside the walls of a classroom. While the classroom is the primary source of learning, the academic, intellectual and social growth of a child occurs outside the classroom. Once the kid desires to learn, he will be motivated to study by himself. Following are the few tips…

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