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Social-Emotional Development in School-Going Children

Social-emotional development is a very important part of the growing up years of children. It forms an integral part of their overall development. Studies suggest that social-emotional development takes place gradually starting from the early childhood days. Therefore, parents have a crucial role in the development of social-emotional skills in children. Before we look at ways in which parents can play a part in their child’s social-emotional development, let’s understand what is social-emotional development and how does it help our children. What is Social-Emotional Development? To understand social-emotional development for children, it is important to understand the relation between emotional intelligence and social skills and behaviour. Understanding Emotional Intelligence When emotions run high, people do and say things they normally would not. Children may do likewise. It is noteworthy that children have the ability to feel, understand and express emotions from a young age. It probably starts when they are…

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Tips to motivate children to learn

Studies have always been one of the foremost concerns of every parent. Over time, things have evolved and changed, but this still remains one of the sensitive issues for any parent.  Speaking earnestly, this should be a concern. Most of the kids lack the motivation to study. The thought of studies doesn’t excite them as the thought of playing video games does. The child enjoys playing and hence finds the motivation to do it. Similarly, the key to motivating your child to study is to find their field of interest and working on it. Most of the parents and teachers restrict learning only inside the walls of a classroom. While the classroom is the primary source of learning, the academic, intellectual and social growth of a child occurs outside the classroom. Once the kid desires to learn, he will be motivated to study by himself. Following are the few tips…

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How to motivate your child to read?

Cultivate reading culture. Let your child live infinite lives as a well read man/woman Reading culture is one thing that all of us want our children to cultivate. It comes as a big virtue, to be able to read different genres, imbibe them and put them into practice. To build up their vocabulary and improve their attention span, get them a good book! There are four simple steps to motivate your child to read. The important step is to identify their field of interest. Let us take you all through this journey of getting your kids to read: Expose your kids to a whole lot of variety of books to read since early childhood. Fairytales and Pinocchio during childhood, Panchatantra as they grow up and other genres would quench the curiosity ruling their age span. So while you are designing the interior of your new house, create a fun zone…

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