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Spell Bee words, worksheets & resources for Class 1 and 2

A good vocabulary and the ability to spell words correctly goes a long way in making written and verbal communication effective. Every child’s vocabulary develops through years and the early foundation years play a key role in this process. LearnBuddy Spell Bee Starter Pack helps your child practice and improve spellings, build vocabulary and develop correct English usage skills. Your child also learns the correct pronunciation, word forms, synonyms, antonyms and correct word usage in sentences. The courses in this pack are carefully designed by experienced teachers and educators keeping in mind the age group, different learning styles and differences in the learning aptitudes. This starter pack also helps your child to prepare and gain confidence to excel in various Spell Bee, Olympiad and competitive exams. This also helps prepare your child for future education in any native English speaking country. Key Features Live interaction with expert teacher 2500+ words…

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Popular Spell Bee competitions for class 1 to class 5

Spell Bee is a popular form of English language competition and is gaining huge popularity in India. The participants have to guess the correct spelling of the word given to them. If guessed correctly they move on to the next round. The difficulty of the word increases at every stage. The child can ask the pronouncer the meaning of the word or to use it in a sentence. The child who spells all the words correctly till the end is the winner. Spell Bee or English Olympiads: What is the difference? English Olympiads are pen and paper tests where your child has to choose the answer from the given options. The focus of English olympiads is more on language ability, grammar, and knowledge of the English language. Spell bee tests your children on their word bank and the main objective is to increase your child’s knowledge and spellings of different…

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National level competitive Exams for school students

As a parent, we want our kids to have various achievements because that will result in their success. Competitive exams and activities are required platform for your child because they give the perfect opportunity to use and enhance their knowledge. Exams such as Olympiads, Spell Bee, NSTSE, etc. help your child in developing an external and rational outlook which is beyond the classroom. Your child uses their knowledge into olympiads and other exams which helps them achieve excellence. What is an Olympiad? Is it important for your child? Olympiads are competitive exams which are done at the school level. They are often based on the syllabus of the particular subject taught in the schools. Olympiads helps your child by exposing them to such exams and preparing them for the future. Through olympiads, you can assess your child’s strengths and capabilities. They can also help in knowing where your child lacks…

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Plurals Practice Worksheets for Class 1

Plural nouns are words generally used to denote a quantity other than the default quantity (Singular). Typically default quantity is one (or a singular number) person, animal, place, thing, or idea. The difference between singular (one) and plural (many) nouns is simple. Below are some of the examples of singular and plural nouns to help you recognize plural nouns when you see them. Where a singular noun ends in a sibilant sound he plural is formed by adding ‘-es’ suffix to the word. For example- Watch (Watches), Bus (Buses) When the singular form ends in a voiceless consonant the plural is formed by adding ‘-s‘ suffix to the word. For example – Van (Cans), Pot (Pots) Singular nouns ending in ‘O’ preceded by a consonant, the plural (in most cases) is formed by adding ‘-es‘ suffix to the word. For Example – Photo 9Photos), piano (Pianos) If the noun ends in a vocalic…

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Modals Practice Worksheets for Class 1

Help your child practice English grammar with free downloadable “Modals practice worksheets” for “Class 1” students. What are Modals? Modals or modal verbs are special verbs which behave irregularly in English. They do not sound like normal verbs for e.g. “eat, write, work, play, visit etc.”. Modal verbs give additional information about the function of the main verb that follows it. for e.g. Function Modal Used Predictability Will Courage Dare Doubt Can, Could Certainity Will, Must Ability Can Desire Will, Shall, Must, Should Advice Should Permission May Acceptance Will Obligation Must, Have to Determination Shall, Will Possibility May, Might, Can’t, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Condition Would Download the above chart as an infographic How to download worksheets? Individual English worksheets – Right-click on any worksheet and choose the option to save on your computer. All the English worksheets with answers as a high-quality PDF file – Click the link at the end of each…

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