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Spell Bee words, worksheets & resources for Class 1 and 2

A good vocabulary and the ability to spell words correctly goes a long way in making written and verbal communication effective. Every child’s vocabulary develops through years and the early foundation years play a key role in this process. LearnBuddy Spell Bee Starter Pack helps your child practice and improve spellings, build vocabulary and develop correct English usage skills. Your child also learns the correct pronunciation, word forms, synonyms, antonyms and correct word usage in sentences. The courses in this pack are carefully designed by experienced teachers and educators keeping in mind the age group, different learning styles and differences in the learning aptitudes. This starter pack also helps your child to prepare and gain confidence to excel in various Spell Bee, Olympiad and competitive exams. This also helps prepare your child for future education in any native English speaking country. Key Features Live interaction with expert teacher 2500+ words…

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Modals Practice Worksheets for Class 1

Help your child practice English grammar with free downloadable “Modals practice worksheets” for “Class 1” students. What are Modals? Modals or modal verbs are special verbs which behave irregularly in English. They do not sound like normal verbs for e.g. “eat, write, work, play, visit etc.”. Modal verbs give additional information about the function of the main verb that follows it. for e.g. Function Modal Used Predictability Will Courage Dare Doubt Can, Could Certainity Will, Must Ability Can Desire Will, Shall, Must, Should Advice Should Permission May Acceptance Will Obligation Must, Have to Determination Shall, Will Possibility May, Might, Can’t, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Condition Would Download the above chart as an infographic How to download worksheets? Individual English worksheets – Right-click on any worksheet and choose the option to save on your computer. All the English worksheets with answers as a high-quality PDF file – Click the link at the end of each…

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10 Ways to Build and Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

A child’s vocabulary refers to the set of words that a child knows, understands and uses in his/her conversation or writing. A robust vocabulary forms the basis for your child’s comprehension and cognitive skills. It is the foundation for any communication and acquiring of knowledge. Your child’s vocabulary usually develops with age. As parents, you can be instrumental in providing them with the right platform and environment to help build and improve their vocabulary. Needless to say, the home is the first place where any learning starts. Before we look at some simple and easy ways for parents to help build your child’s vocabulary, let’s understand the vocabulary types and milestones. Vocabulary Types Vocabulary is broadly classified as: Receptive Vocabulary – Words that a child knows and decodes but may not reproduce them in speech or writing. Receptive vocabulary helps a child to understand what others say. Expressive Vocabulary – Words that…

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