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How to increase concentration and focus?

One of our major concerns in the highlight these days is that of our child unable to focus. Does this inability of your child to sit through something for an hour bother you?

We wish to, somehow, develop their attention spans and mould their concentration levels since childhood.

It has become a common concern in this decade of distractions and things children are involved in beyond school and their home. The following ways could become some important dots for us to connect, to get them on their toes.

1. Set small and realistic goals

We are aware that setting small, realistic goals for children is the first step in inducing focus for long hours on things of utter importance. A very simple example might be finishing homework in the given time.

2. Reward good behaviour

Small rewards like their favourite food dish, after they complete homework on time shall drive them to good results. It becomes important for us to be their constant source of appreciation during their growing years.

3. Formulate a routine

The tasks that you consider are important and come as a routine for your kids, make them do it at the same hour of the day, every day.

4. Learn with fun

There are various concentration games you can indulge your kids in, to improve their concentration, like transferring water from one jar to another without spilling, or teaching them to fold and arrange their own clothes, etc. Bound them with a time limit to pump up their adrenaline as well as their performance.

Make them read one story into parts, one day after the other, which improves focus and curiosity.

Added to all this, there can be adequate time in the routine for rest and physical activity too.

Finally, it is good to cut down major sources of distractions if any which shall help children prioritise their tasks.

All of this becomes important as stepping stones in the lives of children and can actually help them pull up a list of things as they value it. Giving children time to relapse and come back after completion of one task and beginning with another one becomes very important. If you list all this up, it might be of great help for your kids to improvise on their concentration spans!