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Top 7 must-read books for 5 to 8 year old kids

Development is the need, give them these ‘Must Reads’

They say, ‘Books are a man’s best friend’. Well, they become a constant companion as soon as a child begins to understand the world around him/her.

Reading is a virtue that is believed to develop all the senses of the children.

Thus, right from reading skills to imagination skills, books help them travel to a whole new world where they can create good things and destroy the bad ones!

Following is a handy list if your child is anywhere in ages 5 to 8 years.

1. Panchatantra Tales

Panchatantra Tales - Must read books for kids

The finest collection of stories from across different themes in one book. Panchatantra is one of the most impressionable pieces of writing to read to your kids. Indeed, read it during bedtime or give it in their hands to take away the TV remotes.

Thus, it binds the wholesome virtues of friendship, companionship, family values, love, respect and separation. Through simple tales of animals, it gives away great messages to their brains.

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2. Amar Chitra Katha collection

Amar Chitra Katha collection - Must read books for kids

Encompassing the finest nuances of our Indian mythology, these tales are the answer to the questions your kids always come up with. Thus, they have got answers to ‘Why do we celebrate Diwali’, ‘What is good and what is evil’ etc.

Furthermore, these tales vividly help the child to learn about our culture and traditions, the victory of good over evil and helps them boost their imagination. Just through simple stories of the past, help them learn what our country is.

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3. Sheila Dhir – Why are you afraid to hold my hand

Sheila Dhir - Why are you afraid to hold my hand

In the process of growing up, it becomes very important to teach our children the concept of ‘sensitivity’ and ‘mutual respect’.

For instance, this book becomes a must read as with its simple childlike drawings. It conveys a lesson to the readers about having a positive attitude towards differently-abled people. To illustrate through the protagonist, who is suffering from Cerebral Palsy, answering different questions, it conveys empathy.

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4. Oliver Jeffers – The Heart and the Bottle

Oliver Jeffers - The heart and the Bottle

This warm and heart touching story is of a young girl.

Here, she loses her grandfather and goes around with a bottle around her neck with her heart in it, so that no one can hurt her anymore. Thus, it teaches a message really important to the kids. The pictorial representation and the innocence of the story is a catch.

Thereby, guiding the reader to go through the pain of separation, but come out stronger and to trust the world again.

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5. Bill Watterson – Calvin and Hobbes

Bill Watterson- Calvin and Hobbes

This beautiful comic strip dealing with Calvin and his imaginary friend, Hobbes, being a stuffed tiger, teaches the child, in a joyful way, the deeper meaning of life.

Also, it deals with other themes of Animal rights, counting your blessings and the value of everything around!

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6. Nina Sabnani – All about nothing

Nina Sabnani- All about nothing

This book deals with the history of the discovery of ‘zero’ through a fictional take. Thus, it tries to capture the nuances of nature, the lessons we learn from it and gives a perfect boost to our children’s curiosity.

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7. R.J. Palacio – Wonder

R.J. Palacio- Wonder

The book brings to you a story of a kid with a facial deformity.Here, he tries to attain acceptance in the school like any other child.

Thus, this story innocently teaches its readers the virtues of empathy, compassion, and accepting everyone.

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This list would be handy for your kids to start off with their world on imagination, creativity and sensitizing their thoughts towards mankind!