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Spell Bee words, worksheets & resources for Class 1 and 2

A good vocabulary and the ability to spell words correctly goes a long way in making written and verbal communication effective. Every child’s vocabulary develops through years and the early foundation years play a key role in this process. LearnBuddy Spell Bee Starter Pack helps your child practice and improve spellings, build vocabulary and develop correct English usage skills. Your child also learns the correct pronunciation, word forms, synonyms, antonyms and correct word usage in sentences.

The courses in this pack are carefully designed by experienced teachers and educators keeping in mind the age group, different learning styles and differences in the learning aptitudes. This starter pack also helps your child to prepare and gain confidence to excel in various Spell Bee, Olympiad and competitive exams. This also helps prepare your child for future education in any native English speaking country.

Key Features

  • Live interaction with expert teacher
  • 2500+ words in word bank
  • 150+ online practice quizzes
    Competitive-exam style simulated quizzes
  • Weekly interactive activities
  • Week wise plan and structure for guidance


Mrs Amita Malhotra is an esteemed English teacher with over 34 years of teaching experience. She has worked with several reputed schools and has taught English to Primary and Middle classes. She is highly regarded in the teaching fraternity and among her students for her innovative and creative ways to help improve English skills for her students. She also prepared several students for debates, declamations, poetry recitation helping them work on their vocabulary, language and public speaking.

Spell Bee (Level 1 & 2) Starter Pack – Learning Plan

There are 7 courses in this combo super saver kit. The courses are structured into week-wise plans to provide guidance to your child. However, it is completely flexible and self-paced for you and your child to plan your own practice schedule. LearnBuddy recommends 15 minutes of practice every day for optimum results.

1. Vocabulary

Vocabulary module helps your child learn words with their meanings and examples of their usage in sentences.

Key Highlights

  • Provides meanings in simplified and age-appropriate way
  • Provides examples of usage of words in sentences
  • 250+ English vocabulary words
  • Builds vocabulary and correct word usage

2. Dictation

Dictation module helps your child listen to words and practice their spellings. Varying degree of difficulty helps your child gain confidence and advance smoothly from one level to another.

Key Highlights

  • Listen to words and practice spellings
  • 500+ English vocabulary words
  • 50 practice quizzes
  • Unlimited attempts to spell the words
  • Neutral accent audio
  • Mix of simple and complex words selected by experienced educators
  • Interactive activities
  • Builds vocabulary

3. Correct Spellings

Correct Spelling module helps your child to identify the correctly spelled word among the given options. The correct spelling is accompanied with misspelt words that may usually be phonetically similar.

Key Highlights

  • Identify the correctly spelled words
  • 350+ words to practice
  • 35 practice quizzes
  • Unlimited attempts for the practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Builds expressive vocabulary and helps learn about common spelling mistakes

4. Word Application

The Word Application module helps your child to practice the correct application of homophones and commonly confused words.

Key Highlights

  • Covers correct application of homophones and commonly confused words
  • 200+ sentences to practice
  • 20 practice quizzes
  • Unlimited attempts for the practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Strengthens vocabulary and clears doubts about the usage and application of words

5. Complete the Sentence

The Complete the Sentence module helps your child to practice the correct word forms and grammar rules.

Key Highlights

  • Covers correct word forms, articles, pronouns, modals, conjunctions, tense forms etc
  • 200+ sentences in 20 practice quizzes
  • Unlimited attempts for the practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Helps learn about applying the correct grammar rules and word forms
  • Enhances English grammar skills

6. Synonyms and Antonyms

Knowing the synonyms and antonyms of words is a great way to build your child’s vocabulary and helps in language development. The Synonyms and Antonyms course provides an excellent way to practice and learn synonyms and antonyms.

Key Highlights

  • Learn synonyms and antonyms of different words
  • 200+ English words to practice
  • Unlimited attempts on 20+ practice quizzes
  • Interactive activities
  • Helps in language development

7. Phrasal Verbs

The Phrasal Verbs module helps your child to learn the meaning and usage of various phrasal verbs. Your child gets an opportunity to understand how a combination of words in a phrasal verb gives a different meaning than the original verb.

Key Highlights

  • Learn the meaning and usage of phrasal verbs in everyday speech
  • 200+ sentences to practice
  • 20 practice quizzes
  • Unlimited attempts for the practice
  • Interactive activities
  • Helps enhance vocabulary and language skills