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Top 7 must-read books for 5 to 8 year old kids

Development is the need, give them these ‘Must Reads’ They say, ‘Books are a man’s best friend’. Well, they become a constant companion as soon as a child begins to understand the world around him/her. Reading is a virtue that is believed to develop all the senses of the children. Thus, right from reading skills to imagination skills, books help them travel to a whole new world where they can create good things and destroy the bad ones! Following is a handy list if your child is anywhere in ages 5 to 8 years. 1. Panchatantra Tales The finest collection of stories from across different themes in one book. Panchatantra is one of the most impressionable pieces of writing to read to your kids. Indeed, read it during bedtime or give it in their hands to take away the TV remotes. Thus, it binds the wholesome virtues of friendship, companionship,…

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Top 5 board games for 6-8 years kids

Make learning fun, play and learn! Over the years, it has been believed that the family is the child’s first school. Only by spending productive time with them, does the child become ready for the outside world! And here, ‘play time’ has had a crucial role to play. The culture of sitting together and playing board games was considered a very vital instrument in brain development. Moreover, It helps instill the basic virtues of companionship, acceptance, and leadership within a child. Furthermore, this culture has found a crucial place again in society. Do you wish to sit with your child across the circle, and wish for him/her to learn something at the end of that span? Get home the following board games that aren’t designed just for fun, but put a great impetus on learning! 1. Chess This has always been the most interesting game we have desired to play…

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How to motivate your child to read?

Cultivate reading culture. Let your child live infinite lives as a well read man/woman Reading culture is one thing that all of us want our children to cultivate. It comes as a big virtue, to be able to read different genres, imbibe them and put them into practice. To build up their vocabulary and improve their attention span, get them a good book! There are four simple steps to motivate your child to read. The important step is to identify their field of interest. Let us take you all through this journey of getting your kids to read: Expose your kids to a whole lot of variety of books to read since early childhood. Fairytales and Pinocchio during childhood, Panchatantra as they grow up and other genres would quench the curiosity ruling their age span. So while you are designing the interior of your new house, create a fun zone…

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Is classroom learning enough?

Is my child learning enough? Will my kid progress with what is being taught at school? These are a few common questions that every parent might have and they are right in thinking so.  Most of the school revolves around the concept of academics. Most children spend about six hours per day in school. The number tends to increase as the grade increases. How are we sure what students are learning or just studying. Classroom teaching is a monotonous method of teaching wherein half the times kids end up losing their interest.  It is important for them to learn rather than just study before the exam, write it all out and then forget it the next day. It is essential for them to remember those concepts and implement them. Clearly, classroom teaching is not enough. Children learn by observing, listening, exploring, experimenting and asking questions. Being interested, motivated and engaged…

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8 tips to bring up a creative child

Let their minds wander In this world subdued with monotonous thinking, ‘creative thinking’ or being ‘Out of the Box’  is something everyone wants for their kids. All of us today, wish to go out of the way to make our children put their thinking caps on and be MORE CREATIVE! To get that spark of uniqueness in your child, let their boundaries free. It is very important for us parents to know when to restrict our kids and when to let their imagination flow. To get that spark of uniqueness in your child, let their boundaries free. It is very important for us parents to know when to restrict our kids and when to let their imagination flow. But out of limitations comes creativity Debbie Allen Consider doing this to begin with On a sunny Sunday morning, sit them down in the balcony where the cool breeze and the chirping…

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