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Top 5 board games for 6-8 years kids

Make learning fun, play and learn!

Over the years, it has been believed that the family is the child’s first school. Only by spending productive time with them, does the child become ready for the outside world! And here, ‘play time’ has had a crucial role to play.

The culture of sitting together and playing board games was considered a very vital instrument in brain development. Moreover, It helps instill the basic virtues of companionship, acceptance, and leadership within a child.

Furthermore, this culture has found a crucial place again in society. Do you wish to sit with your child across the circle, and wish for him/her to learn something at the end of that span? Get home the following board games that aren’t designed just for fun, but put a great impetus on learning!

1. Chess

Chess - Strategy board game for children

This has always been the most interesting game we have desired to play with our kids post-dinner, if your kid is in the process of growing up, take this one up real soon!

As a result, what comes out better than a game that imbibes family values along with cognitive strengthening.

Values learned: Strategizing, Coordinating, Acceptance

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2. Jenga

Jenga - Hand eye coordination game for children

This is an all-time favorite game for kids above 5 years, as the young and old, can all together experience the nerves and thrill of manipulating the tower.

Also, test if your hands are steady enough to pull out the last block before the tower comes down.

Values learned: Patience, Hand-Eye coordination, Focus 

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3. Monopoly

Monopoly - Strategy board game for children

This board game has been a classic for all age groups. It serves its purpose to bring together everyone and help even the youngest player in the circle to plan his/her finances to win accordingly.

Thus, you can make your child learn to buy and sell assets, keep an account, plan expenditures and thereby, be a winner, even in the game of life.

Values learned: Planning, Finance, Strategy

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4. Zephyr Memory skills

Zeypher Memory Skills Game - Memory board game for children

Is your child in the process of growing up? And thus do you wish to induce in them virtues of concentration and sharp memory? Certainly, this board game serves the best purpose.

With multiple boards to change, pecks to pick up to match the similar things, this helps the kid to improvise their memory. Alongside, learn sporting spirit at the same time, not missing out on the fun element.

Values learned: Focus and concentration, Memory

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5. Carrom

Carrom - Indoor game for children

Carrom is yet another classic when it comes to the world of board games, and it has been there for decades.

Indeed, bring your family, young and old together, post-dinner and help the young minds sharpen their motor skills.

Teach them put the pecks into the corner holes using the Striker from the specific angles.

Values learned: Hand-Eye coordination, Focus, Projecting skills

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Thus, this blog focuses on just one among the hundreds of ways to combine learning with joy for your kids.

Along with it, instill family values in them, bringing the young and the old together for a long time, making that time fruitful for your tiny tots!