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How to motivate your child to read?

Cultivate reading culture. Let your child live infinite lives as a well read man/woman

Reading culture is one thing that all of us want our children to cultivate. It comes as a big virtue, to be able to read different genres, imbibe them and put them into practice. To build up their vocabulary and improve their attention span, get them a good book!

There are four simple steps to motivate your child to read. The important step is to identify their field of interest.

Let us take you all through this journey of getting your kids to read:

Expose your kids to a whole lot of variety of books to read since early childhood. Fairytales and Pinocchio during childhood, Panchatantra as they grow up and other genres would quench the curiosity ruling their age span. So while you are designing the interior of your new house, create a fun zone with a shelf of storybooks, bean bags, and toys too!

1. Read to them a lot of stuff

Read to them a lot of stuff while they are growing up! For e.g. storybooks, articles about things going around the world, pin your refrigerators and notice boards up with newspaper clippings

2. Follow up what they are reading

Follow up about what your child has been reading. Have quick talks with them about how they view that piece of literature!

Tip:  To make it more interesting, ask them how ‘they’ would change the ending to a story they read.

3. Be an example

Be an example, because imitation is a child’s aid to first learning. Read a lot of good stuff in front of them to create curiosity! Maybe, slide a storybook with captivating graphics while they are doing other things, and get them reading!

4. Make use of the growing technology as much as possible

Finally, and evidently, make use of the growing technology as much as possible.  Introduce them to reading apps, online modules, aids like Kindle and other sites from where they could access valuable content in interesting ways.

Along with this, play the good cop-bad cop roles in the family. Keep a check and let their minds explore the right sites on the internet. Get them a membership to a books library. Take them through each shelf being fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, etc., showing them some of the best works in that genre.

Additionally, book sharing culture can also be introduced, that way they get to know others’ taste, and reading becomes not only an intellectual but a social virtue as well!

Starting off with these tips, you can tend to engineer your child’s path to reading habits. See them back up their strong opinions in the future with things they have read and quote books they hold dear to themselves.

“ The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.”

Anthony Trollope