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How do Hobbies Help Personality Development?

Let them do what their heart wants

Children differ in remarkable ways from each other in their budding personalities. When our children are developing an interest in any activity or topic, let them live in that opportunity. Persuade them to follow their heart and encourage them to take up the activity. In this fast-growing world, there is always pressure to perform and pressure to excel. Sometimes in this busy life, we forget to polish the other edges of our children’s personality development. Being one among everyone in this rat race, we fail to realize the importance of a constructive break, a hobby to fall back on.

It is important for us parents to observe and nurture different hobbies and extracurricular activities in our children. You never know which one might become their finest skill in the future.

Find the Hidden Gem

We always talk about the concerns regarding the personality development of our children, that cannot be learned in regular academic classes. Each child has a talent hidden deep inside their heart. Ever since they picked up a guitar for the first time or their strokes on canvas began to make sense or the photos they took had fineness to it, is the point in life where they discover what their heart feels happiness in.

Whatever it takes, help them discover a new, happier side to their personality development by attending art school, piano lessons, guitar lessons or a karate class.

Fear of Unknown

Every hobby or activity that a child takes up during his/her childhood, has multiple nuances to it. Each activity helps in personality development in one way or the other. Do you worry that someday, your children might be the best student in the class with uptight grades or earn the best money in the future, but shall forget to live a little, to take up things that they genuinely love?

As much as the importance of good grades and secure future cannot be debated, it is equally important for you to keep open all the opportunities for them to decide what they wish to do. As people grow up, they give up on their hobbies and talents and it gets buried under the stresses of everyday work and the race to achieve monetary gains in life.

“Everything is residing within you, needs a channel to find it. So do your child’s hobbies and interests.”

Happiness Within

Dozens of benefits accompany joining hobby classes, that are unexpected. No matter what your hobby may be, there are classes that will help you hone and nurture your talent. There are classes, teachers and preachers for every kind of imaginable hobby that your kid wishes to pursue. Whether they like to dance on happy tunes (music classes) or capture moments in the form of good pictures (photography classes) or canvas and brushes excite them (art school)?

How do Hobbies Help Personality Development of Children

Put them wherever they wish to be, and nurture their talents, provide them with the perfect sunshine and positivity.

Often people debate, is the time that gets consumed in pursuing a hobby worth investing? It is scientifically proven that a relaxed mind is more creative than a stressed one. Only if you encourage your children to take up their hobbies, whenever they take a break from academics, only will they be able to de-stress themselves, relapse and come back to life again.

While the kids are progressing with guitar lessons, it takes their mind away from all the external environment, takes them to a different world, where they rule. Where there are no pressures and they live in the moment. This time travel becomes really important for them to grow into a person with a greater set of skills.

So engaging in hobby classes may just give their mind the creativity it needs to solve all the pressing problems in life, whether professionally or personally.

Social-Emotional Development

The easiest way to branch out to people is when you find like-mindedness. In a music class of 20 kids passionate to learn how to play the guitar. Imagine how many new people do your children get to talk to. How many types of thoughts is he/she exposed to? How it helps strengthen their emotional quotient (EQ) along with intelligent quotient (IQ). Only when we strike a perfect balance between the two, do we experience joy in others happiness.

Social-Emotional Development in School-Going Children

Notice the sparks of happiness on their faces when they play a beautiful composition on a stage all by themselves?

Psychologists believe that parents have an extremely important role to play in the development of children’s self-esteem, which constitutes a big chunk of their personality development. For example, you never really like to go back and think about how you lost a chance to pursue what you wanted, which could have made you a different person altogether. Similarly, you child should not live with regrets, let them find happiness in all the tiny bits of appreciation they get dancing well to that tune or getting the stroke of that picture right after failing 10 times.

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Creativity and Ownership

Let them be the master of their own new world. Make them responsible for their actions! The rush that comes from having excelled at newly acquired skill whether it is a guitar lesson, skating class, music class, acting class, or photography class, will carry over to the rest of their lives and give them the selfconfidence that they can master any new challenge that life presents to them.

How do Hobbies Help Personality Development of Children

Boredom is the killer of creativity. There will be no point in the entire years of childhood that your kid shall say no to attend skating classes, painting classes or dance classes. Rather they’ll find reasons to take it up. The boredom and wanting to do nothing is no longer a hindrance to their progress. If they wish to attend guitar lessons, let them. Every try will be a new tune.

Health and Personality

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The activities that kids desire to pursue, unconsciously add to their physical health and hone their mental health too. The rush of happiness that drives them when they dance like they wanted to, or show their best moves on the skateboard, is a different health booster in itself. Club the benefits, let them live their hobby!

How do Hobbies Help Personality Development of Children?

Personality development is all about stress management and moods that rule your state of mind. Provided that your kids indulge into things they really love to do, it a free stress management technique for them. Relaxing hobbies such as photography classes, acting classes, guitar classes, skating classes, singing classes, etc. help in reducing your blood pressure, increasing the levels of serotonin which helps to reduce mood swings, depression, stress, etc., and keeps you smiling, happy, and healthy through life!

Now that we understand how big a role does hobbies play in getting your child upon his legs and face the world with newfound zeal, let us try to put it into practice.

Parent’s Responsibility in Personality Development

1. Observe

Keenly watch your child’s interests. Maybe try finding answers to these questions. What is the one activity that your child wishes to take up beyond academics? Look for the signs of objects dearest to your kid for e.g. a musical instrument, drawing books, skate-board, cricket bat etc.

It helps us conclude as to which is the one hobby are they wishing to indulge in.

2. Provide them with related resources

If we think that providing them with curricula books and pens and bags is sufficing, that is where we go wrong. The very moment we see a passion in our children for something, we see them play the piano amazingly at the school function or see them win drawing competitions with their beautiful sketches, it is the time for us to channel their energies and help them balance their academics along with their hobbies.

Find a regular time slot in their routine and get them a master to hone their hobby.

General Knowledge Learning Plan - Level 1 (for 6-7 yrs kids)
General Knowledge Learning Plan (for 6-8 Year Kids)

3. Give them small stages to perform

Even after we provide a channel to the kids to pursue their talents, Validation is the key to a child’s progress. In that case, set small stages for your children to showcase what they have learned. Reward them for every melody they play, set stages during family gatherings or in a community fest and get them to perform.

For example, ask them to play a piece, or perform a routine from what they have learned in hobby classes at their cousin’s wedding.

4. Cheer and encourage them

Put their raw talents out there and see them grow in all aspects of life. Everything they might be interested in would have a very strong psychological impact on them. Music lessons help them calm their mind, Dance moves help them to de-stress, Cooking helps them to stay organised.

Thus, today if you see that your child is finding happiness in some skill set, hand it to them. Let them go beyond their comfort levels and choose what gives them the best rush. Let them find their own world of solace which they will create on their guitar strings, colourful canvases, cameras, pumped up dance routines, music notes and all the other things!

Be their aid to be able to pursue what their heart wants to, from the really tiny age!

Because as we know,

With Happiness comes competency, with competency comes Success!

Get their dancing shoes on, Today!