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How to Reduce exam stress?

Tips to beat the stress at your fingertips With exams around the corner, do your dates on the wall stress you out? Do your unfinished notes give you nightmares? Exams being the most crucial time of academic year for students causes significant stress on their mind. It’s really important to make the 3Ps as your mantra! PLAN, PREPARE, PERFORM! Some of the most important tips to keep in mind could be: 1. Have a proper schedule keep all the material to study from uptight. It is rightly said, ‘Begin with the end in mind’, which should be your motto. 2. Give yourself small goals Reward yourself for every little target you accomplish. This could be in the form of a delicacy, or playing your favourite sport outside or take a nap if that drives you to work efficiently. 3. Constructive breaks Constructive breaks become really important to avoid exhaustion and…

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