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Reading and writing milestones for school going children

Reference to children in the age group of 6-12 years The beginning of proper formal schooling also marks the beginning of the identity formative years of your child. During these few years (Ages 6-12 years), your child is constantly going through cognitive development and learning. This learning is interpreted as milestones of child development; especially reading and writing milestones. Your child accomplishes a certain set of tasks at a certain age. Milestones of child development are those certain tasks that your child is able to accomplish. However, it is not necessary that the reading and writing milestones have to be achieved. Some children might have delayed learning or learning disabilities which can be a deviation from a normal developmental path. According to the Annual Status of Education Report (2016), around 48% of students have difficulty reading in textbooks meant for their grade. The main reason for this is due to…

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