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Social-Emotional Development in School-Going Children

Social-emotional development is a very important part of the growing up years of children. It forms an integral part of their overall development. Studies suggest that social-emotional development takes place gradually starting from the early childhood days. Therefore, parents have a crucial role in the development of social-emotional skills in children. Before we look at ways in which parents can play a part in their child’s social-emotional development, let’s understand what is social-emotional development and how does it help our children. What is Social-Emotional Development? To understand social-emotional development for children, it is important to understand the relation between emotional intelligence and social skills and behaviour. Understanding Emotional Intelligence When emotions run high, people do and say things they normally would not. Children may do likewise. It is noteworthy that children have the ability to feel, understand and express emotions from a young age. It probably starts when they are…

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Helping your child deal with peer pressure and bullying

Friends can influence a child’s attitudes and behaviors in ways that matter across multiple domains of mental and physical health and well-being. Consider two scenarios. First, your kid wants a certain kind of school bag. Second, when he doesn’t want to go to school without that school bag as his fellow classmates and peers make fun of him for not having it. The former is the case of peer pressure [1] and the latter is of bullying [2]. In such cases of peer pressure and bullying, your child goes through psychological stress and suffer from issues like anxiety, emotional breakdown, depression as well. In both the cases the child is put under psychological stress and mental pressure. Peer pressure and bullying is a serious problem among school-age children and adolescents. They lead to anxiety, low self-esteem and in worst case mental illness. Mental health issues have always existed but, in…

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10 signals of helicopter parents and how to stop being one

A Helicopter, what!!! As a parent, it is natural to want what is best for your child. And that also, while keeping them out of harm’s way. And sometimes this “act of love and support” goes overboard and ends up harming your child more. Helicopter parents are constantly involved in every part of their child’s life. The constant feeling of  “hovering around” by over focused parents is the origin of the term. A helicopter parent tries to monitor everything that their child does, from school, play time, as well as leisure time. While it starts as being a supportive and attentive parent, it can easily cross over the line. And you can become an overprotective helicopter parent. This kind of parent-child relationship can easily influence the social development of your child. As a parent, raising responsible kids is our duty. However, parents want to raise a better version of themselves…

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