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Why do so many kids struggle with math problems?

STEM education is a really important part of education for children. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These four aspects permeate every part of our daily life, so knowledge regarding these is essential to our education. However, kids all over the country struggle with STEM education, especially Math problems. Why? The answer lies within the subject itself. Children, at an early age itself, start having difficulties and struggle with math. And this struggle with math continues growing with them and by the time they reach grade 9 or 10, they have a really hard time grasping concepts. This generalized math anxiety among children is a very common phenomenon. However, struggling with math problems does not mean that a child isn’t smart or intelligent. It is just a matter of aptitude and practice. With a little guidance & practice, children can perform much better in their academics. Reasons why…

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