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10 signals of helicopter parents and how to stop being one

A Helicopter, what!!! As a parent, it is natural to want what is best for your child. And that also, while keeping them out of harm’s way. And sometimes this “act of love and support” goes overboard and ends up harming your child more. Helicopter parents are constantly involved in every part of their child’s life. The constant feeling of  “hovering around” by over focused parents is the origin of the term. A helicopter parent tries to monitor everything that their child does, from school, play time, as well as leisure time. While it starts as being a supportive and attentive parent, it can easily cross over the line. And you can become an overprotective helicopter parent. This kind of parent-child relationship can easily influence the social development of your child. As a parent, raising responsible kids is our duty. However, parents want to raise a better version of themselves…

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