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Lockdown life lessons for parents and children!

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing restrictions to move freely have changed our lives drastically. A society where people love social interacting, people are caged indoors. Both mental and physical health has been affected by it. Our lives took an unanticipated turn. While adults are working from home, students are attending endless hours of online classes. Life in pre-COVID times looks nothing like it does now. Children had a dedicated study and playtime schedule. They would spend a considerable part of their day outside the house, in school, parks, and playgrounds and tuition classes. Schools were like the kid’s second home and teachers played a pivotal role. Parenting was a little simpler then.   Parenting in pandemic has been a task Covid-19 pandemic has bought a new set of challenges for parents. We as adults can vanquish over the situation but the bigger challenge arises for parents in terms of parenting…

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