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Tag: boredom

Why is it okay to let your child get bored?

Mumma! I am getting bored. I’m sure every parent would have been a millionaire by now if they were paid a penny every time they heard this sentence from their kid. The Covid-19 pandemic not only brought hours long of online classes for kids but also a lot of boredom. So what do parents do when they hear those troublesome words from their child “I am bored”? They start running on their toes to find ways to entertain their child, play with him, teach him, cook with him, but we seldom let them be. We all have heard “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, and parents would rather keep their kids engaged all the time than let the devil do his little business in their kid’s mind.  Boredom is seen as a bad thing Getting bored is often seen in a bad light. It is seen as an absence…

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